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About Us

Black Jack Kehoe, Division 4, was founded and chartered in 1986. Over our 30-year plus history, the members of our beloved Brotherhood have been involved in providing aid and comfort to those in need in our community and beyond. Some of the many charities include our own Doc Brown Memorial Hunger Project, Toiletries for Veterans, The Walk for the Wounded along with various donations throughout the year to local community needs as well as causes, walks and fundraisers that our members and their families participate in. The division is also active in making donations to the IRPWA (Irish Republic Prisoners Welfare Association), which allows children of Political prisoners to have some kind of happiness by treating them to fun days out, and also providing them a Christmas party during the holidays while their parents cannot be there..

Black Jack Kehoe celebrates St. Patrick's Day by participating in parades in near-by Springfield, Pennsylvania as well as Jim Thorpe and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our members are active in our community and work tirelessly to promote the ideas of Friendship, Unity, Christian Charity and a free and united Ireland.

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