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About Us

Black Jack Kehoe, Division 4, was founded and chartered in 1986. Over our almost 30-year year history, the members of Black Jack Kehoe have been involved in providing aid and comfort to those in need in our community and beyond. Black Jack Kehoe is active many charities including the Hibernian Hunger Project, Kehoe's Coats, and support of the Mother's Home, in in Darby Pennsylvania as well as providing hot dinners to the less fortunate during the Holiday season.

The Black Jack Kehoe Scholarship fund was created to facilitate families that have fallen on hard times in an effort provide to a Catholic education in the Catholic High Schools of Delaware County. The division was also active in raising funds for the IPPCH (Irish Political Prisoners Children's Holiday), which allowed children of Political prisoners to spend some time in America.

Black Jack Kehoe celebrates St. Patrick's Day and participating in parades in both Springfield, Pennsylvania and Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Our members are active in our community and work tirelessly to promote the ideas of Friendship, Unity, Christian Charity and a free and united Ireland.